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July 17, 2005

   Are Gift Baskets Good For A Baby Shower Gift?

Worried a gift basket won't make a good baby shower gift? Rest assured the Mom-to-be will be thrilled with your choice! We have a lot of great items every new mom needs whether it's her first baby or not. Check out our Lullaby Baby basket that comes in a cute bassinet basket with a fluffy Teddy bear and a free personalized fleece blanket. Brilliant Baby is a neat collection of CD's, videos, and toys to stimulate baby and get those little minds going! Baby Essentials is a fantastic collection of all those little things that first time moms need and even seasoned moms sometimes forget to have around. Available in Boy,Girl, or Unisex.

If you want to give a gift she'll remember, but money is stretched a little thinly for you at the moment, you can get a lot of gift for a little price with our Bargain Baby Gift Basket. It comes with essential items such as baby wash clothes, bottle, wipes, and even some cute booties all wrapped up together in a darling basket that can hold other baby items as your gift items get used or even toys as baby gets older.

You can't go wrong giving a gift basket for a baby shower, they make fabulous, functional gifts!

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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