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June 30, 2005

   Coffee Gift Baskets Will Definitely Make Your Loved Ones Perk Up

Gift baskets containing the delectable aromas of freshly ground coffee and other tasty treats you might choose to include are enough to delight any coffee coinsurer in your life. If you don't have the time to put baskets together yourself there are many great businesses on the internet that would have what you are looking for. However there are many creative ideas available for those that choose to assemble their own coffee gift baskets.

For a great little gift basket that would be perfect for someone to enjoy on their coffee break find a coffee mug that suits the recipients personality and add any of the following items. A packet or two of instant gourmet flavored coffees, coffee spoons in flavors that go well with the coffee and then either biscotti or possibly some chocolate dipped coffee beans would go great in a gift basket.

For the coffee lovers in your life that enjoy cafe style fare; cafe themed gift baskets are a wonderful idea. Your gift basket could contain any of the following items. An assortment of gourmet flavored cappuccino mixes and freshly ground coffees, dark chocolate truffles, toffee candy, flavored coffee stirrers, and an assortment of biscotti or homemade muffins.

There are many coffee themed items that would go fabulously well in housewarming gift baskets. A small coffee or espresso maker, an assortment of fresh ground coffees, homemade cookies or muffins and candles made in coffee mugs or rolled in coffee beans can be created or purchased. In addition a favorite book or the recipient could be included for enjoyment after they are settled in their new home.

These are just a few examples of the gift baskets you could make and with a little creative thinking you are sure to delight the coffee drinkers in your life.

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