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June 6, 2005

   A Gift Basket of Fun For Father's Day

Just think how happy you'll make Dad this Father's Day with gift basket filled with love. Gift baskets are easily customized for the special father, or father-figure, in your life. For the dad who likes to bar-b-q, consider a gift basket filled with grill tools, special sauces and spices, and even an apron to keep his clothes free of spatters. Not to mention the mosquito repellent, so dad won't get sucked dry while making dinner.

Is your dad a Mr. Fit-It? How about a gift basket of small tools, containers and handy gadgets for Father's Day? Add a home improvement book and a ruler, and he's ready to become the next TV home improvement guru.

If your father likes golf, consider the possibility of a golf theme. Golf balls, tees, a book of golf tips and a shower kit should keep dad happy on the golf course.

Indulge in his love of hunting with a gift basket stuffed with hunting gear. Bug protection, beef jerky and lightsticks will keep dad safe while stalking wild game on Father's Day. Add a book of photography tips so he knows where to aim his camera on his off time.

Maybe your dad likes fishing more than hunting. The perfect Father's Day gift basket for him may include a fishing book, snacks, tackle bag and other fishing-related goodies.

Some dads don't care about grooming, but others love the latest shampoos, manicure items and other guy-grooming products. Fill a gift basket with items guaranteed to keep him looking and smelling his best.

For more information on ordering or customizing a gift basket for Father's Day, visit Harvest Moon Baskets. With a little imagination, gift baskets can be great ways to commemorate special events in the lives of your family and friends.

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