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May 23,2005

   Why do Gardening Baskets make Great Gifts?

Gardeners loves surprises like everyone else and what makes a better surprise gift than a custom made gardening basket. Piled high with garden tools, seeds, fancy clay pots, a gardener's apron, and of course colorful gardening gloves, it is sure to be received warmly.

Gardening baskets make great gifts because you can tailor them to suit your favorite gardener's personal interests. Whether they love flowers or vegetables, simple tools or fancy adornments, you can put it all in their gardening basket. Why not put in a small designer steeping stone or even a garden gnome.

Gardening baskets can be an inexpensive or an expensive way to show your care. It's up to you. Add expensive items from a specialty gardening store or simple gardening items from the dollar store. It really doesn't matter as long as you display it properly. Place items in a large black plant pot for an elegant effect or a square gardening basket for a more earthy look. Wrap in gardener's green cellophane for that added effect.

Use your imagination. You could even make some home-made gardener friendly gifts like stationary. Just pick up a stamp and stamping pad at any hobby store. Pick the stamp that most reflects a gardener, like a leaf, a rose etc and stamp on some green or brown paper, add matching envelopes and now your gardener can have their own custom made stationary.

Gardening baskets make great gifts to give and absolutely wonderful gifts to receive. Put together a basket today for your special gardener.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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