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July 7, 2005

   Gardening Gift Baskets

When it comes to gardening, some folks get downright serious. And so should you if you're looking at gardening gift baskets for your gardening-fiend friend.

Gardening gift baskets include items such as gardening gloves and trowels, seed packs hand cream and nail brushes. Gift baskets for gardeners are available in a huge assortment of specialty items and a wide price range. From garden art such as beautiful decorative stationery to table top fountains, vases, bulbs, hats, bird and hummingbird food to poetry stones and walking sticks, all you have to do is start looking, they're right there for the harvesting.

Some mainline popular-with-everyone gardening gift baskets contain items such as a telescopic rake, extendable trowel, books on landscaping, seed packets and seed magnets, waist apron, flower press kits and more. Get creative with gardening gift baskets full of lawn-enhancing items like bells and flags, solar lamps, bamboo accents, sundials and tree faces!

Plant accents make wonderful additions to gardening gift baskets. Include a bright chartreuse ceramic frog and some wind chimes, with a flashy bonsai plant as a centerpiece and everybody gets happy. Don't forget to choose a pretty gift card with a flower or plant theme.

Those who garden know that working with living plants is healing, soothing and strengthening. The activity itself becomes a self-perpetuating one, since it makes the gardener feel so good. The best gardening gift baskets reflect the garden-lover's profound respect for flowers, plants, trees and, in fact, for all living things.

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