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August 31, 2005

   Great Harvest Gift Baskets Are Perfect For Fall Gift Giving

The children are heading back to school, and there's a crisp feeling to the morning air. Can Autumn be far behind? Why not celebrate the change of season by surprising your favorite garden enthusiast with a gift basket.The Great Harvest Fall gift basket is a gift any gardener will treasure.

That charter member of the Green Thumb Society will flip their trowel over the backpack with attached stool gift basket container. This handy gift basket is great for toting their favorite gardening tools, and horticultural books. There's even room in the gift basket to carry a nice thermos of ice tea.

The full moon size gift basket includes four handy garden tools suitable for puttering around in the home garden or flower bed, and a comfortable foam kneeling pad to save wear and tear on the knees. The attached stool on the gift basket provides a nice place to pause for a rest and contemplate the wonders of creation.

But that's not all. This gift basket also remembers to pamper a gardener's best tools of all, the hands. Your garden enthusiast will find two scented glycerin soaps, and Gardener's liquid soap packed in this gift basket. And no garden gift basket would be complete without Burt's Cuticle Cream, and Burt's Lip Balm. For the few of you who may not be familiar with Burt's products, they are made with the finest beeswax. Nothing is more soothing for dry chapped hands and lips, and both products carry a pleasant beeswax scent.

Just think of how pleased that garden lover will be when the Great Harvest gift basket arrives at their door. Or better yet, deliver the gift basket yourself. Your loved one will truly appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into picking a gift basket just for them. A gift basket that will serve them for years to come.

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