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October 17, 2005

   Halloween Fun For Everyone With The Tricks and Treats Gift Basket

If you're looking for Halloween fun, look no further than the Tricks and Treats Gift Basket.

The air has taken a definite crisp turn and the leaves have begun to fall. That means just one thing to a child; Halloween can't be far behind! While your little ones are busy dreaming up this year's perfect costume, you can plan your own little surprise for them by ordering a Tricks and Treats gift basket from Harvest Moon.

Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company has come up with another Halloween classic gift basket. The fun begins with your children's own pumpkin decorating kit. This safe gift basket kit requires no knife, and will provide hours of creative fun as your children design their own front porch decoration.

This festive gift basket also contains a set of Halloween face paints perfect for giving a customized touch to your children's holiday attire. Turn you little one into a clown, or maybe a kitten. Use your imagination to create some Halloween fun with this gift basket item.

Moms and Dads can rest a little easier knowing their trick-or-treaters are wearing the glow-in-the-dark Bright sticks contained in this gift basket, making them easier to see in the dark.

Now if you really want to get everyone into the Halloween spirit, try listening to the Spooky Stories CD that is included with your gift basket assortment. These stories are designed to give your children a few thrills and chills, without overly scaring them. You even get two bags of Halloween candy with your gift basket to get them started.

The best part of this Halloween gift basket is the container. The Tricks and Treats gift basket comes in it's own paintable trick-or-treat bag. A set of glitter paints is included with the gift basket items so kids can decorate it themselves.

The Tricks or Treats gift basket is perfect for adding extra fun to any child's Halloween celebration.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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