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October 24, 2005

   Howlin' At The Moon Gift Basket

What could be more fun than getting a new puppy? Getting a Howlin' At The Moon gift basket from the Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company. This gift basket has items that will keep you both a little happier.

First of all, you'll love this gift basket container. The puppy storage play chest is big enough to hold all of your pet's toys when he's not playing with them. This very unique gift basket container is actually shaped like a dog and the head opens up for storage.

The spoiled dog toys set found in this gift basket has plenty of items to keep your dog happy. The floss ring Frisbee is much safer for his teeth than traditional hard plastic frisbees. He's sure to have hours of fun with the tennis ball and knot rope also contained in his gift basket toy assortment.

Every puppy has an undeniable urge to chew, but teething won't be a problem for you if you give him the dog bone and doggy treats that come with this gift basket. Rawhide and other gift basket dog treats will give him an appropriate place to work off the need to gnaw, and save your furniture and other household items.

And there's even a few little somethings for you in this gift basket too. A book of "Dogma" provides helpful tips for starting out right with your new puppy, while the lint and fur removing roller in this gift basket is indispensable for keeping unwanted hair off your clothing and furniture.

The Howlin' At The Moon gift basket from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company is perfect for your new puppy, or as a gift basket for a friend who has recently become a pet owner. Giving a gift basket is a terrific way to show you care.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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