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October 24, 2005

   Hunting For The Perfect Gift Basket?

Hunting for the perfect gift basket for your guy? How about The Hunter from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company.

Autumn is here and hunting season has begun. This gift basket has some handy items for your fella, both on the trail and off.

Before he sets off for the weekend with his buddies, he can brush up on his trail etiquette by reading Making A Difference. This gift basket book is a great reminder that it is up to all of us to help preserve and protect our remaining forests and other natural habitats. This gift basket book contains plenty of helpful information for 'leave no trace' camping.

Keep him safe and visible on the trail with gift basket glow sticks. Glow sticks emit a soft glow that is bright enough for other hunters to notice, without being so bright that it scares off the game. The Hunter gift basket contains three glow sticks.

Help him from becoming the next cast member on "Lost" with the handy carabiner compass also found in this gift basket. He can easily hook it on his belt loop to find his way wherever he goes. You know how guys hate to ask for directions! A camouflage head net is also found in this gift basket to help keep pesky insects out of his face.

Don't let him scare the big game away with a growling stomach. His gift basket also has an assortment of trail mix and beef jerky that he can munch on while he's trying to bag that 3 point buck. He even gets a drawstring camouflage bag to pack his snacks in with this gift basket.

Now, if you'd like to persuade your guy to do a little shooting of a less violent style, this gift basket also contains a wonderful book called "Photography in the Outdoors". This gift basket book explains the basic essentials he'll need to capture wildlife on film, not in a trap.

The Hunter gift basket from Harvest Moon Gift Baskets is a terrific gift for the hunter in your family.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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