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    Don't Forget Kitty This Holiday Season

Your pets give you love and affection 365 days a year, so why not reward them with their own holiday gift basket this year? After all, who else still loves you when you're grouchy? Or will still cuddle up with you even if you haven't showered in two days? Yes, your faithful furry companion is always there making you feel like the center of their universe, so perhaps a little gift basket satisfaction is in order.

The Cats Meow Gift Basket is purrrific! Your kitty will spend hours playing around with the assortment of cat toys in this gift basket 'tailored' just for her. There are also three bags filled with yummy kitty treats to delight her taste buds too. And a new set of bowls are bound to brighten up dinner time.

And since you enjoy your cat more when cleaning up after her is easier, there are a few items especially for you in this gift basket set. The over sized litter scoop in this gift basket turns sifting out kitty's private commode into a 60 second job. Your gift basket fur and lint roller will handily remove all traces of kitty's presence from your clothing and furniture. You can also keep kitty looking her very best with her brand new grooming comb.

You'll even receive a purrecious cat themed magnetic frame to keep kitty's picture prominently displayed, while you enjoy reading all about your cat's true nature with a fabulous book called Cattitudes, also included with this gift basket assortment.

This unique gift basket comes arranged in a mouse shaped cat house. What could be cuter? And kitty will be snuggling up in this gift basket long after the treats are just a memory.

So why not give kitty her own gift basket this year to show your appreciation for her affections all year long. The Cat's Meow Gift Basket from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company is sure to make her purr!

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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