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   "Mommy To Be" Gift Basket

It's not easy being an expectant mom, so why not show her a little love with a Mommy To Be Gift Basket from the Harvest moon Gift Basket Company? This gift basket is full of items sure to make her smile as she awaits the coming event.

Help her appease some of those cravings with the goodies contained in this gift basket. Jelly Belly beans has a flavor to fit nearly anything she has a sudden taste for. Buttered popcorn? You got it. Chocolate pudding? Okay. And a few Jelly Bellies won't add to her waistline the way a full snack would, so they're guilt free gift basket snacks.

Sometimes a woman simply has to have a little chocolate. It's an essential component of our personal food pyramid. This gift basket has ten luscious Lindor Truffles for times when the craving takes control. Nothing melts in your mouth smoother than a satisfying Lindor truffle. And what's better for washing chocolate down than a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Your gift basket assortment also contains four flavored coffee packets, decaffeinated just like her doctor recommends.

While she's taking it easy she can do a little reading with the wonderful the books that come with every Mommy To Be gift basket. 'Planet Parenthood' is packed with useful tips and things to think about, while 'The Book of Baby Love' is simply heart touching. Mom will also enjoy relaxing as she listens to a pregnancy CD.

Everyone loves Anne Geddes and this gift basket comes with a collectible Anne Geddes doll. Use it to decorate baby's nursery, it will become a birth keepsake in years to come. This gift basket also holds an Anne Geddes baby frame, perfect for baby's first picture, or birth announcement.

All of the wonderful items contained in this gift basket arrive in a lovely willow gift basket with handles. Once the gift basket items are removed, the gift basket can be used to keep baby's small clothing separate from the rest of the laundry, or as a handy way to keep diapers and other changing items close at hand in one convenient place. The possibilities are endless.

A Mom To Be gift basket is a wonderful way to show you care.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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