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September 8, 2005

   Gift Baskets Are More Than Just Containers

Why choose a gift basket as a present for someone special?

When you give someone a gift basket from Harvest Moon, you're really giving more than one present. As great as each individual item in the gift basket is, the gift basket container itself is a substantial gift.

Your gift basket assortment may come in a variety of different containers, each specially chosen to compliment the theme. When the items have been removed, the gift basket can be recycled for any use you or the lucky recipient can think of. Here are just a few suggestions for your gift baskets.

Children may want to keep the gift basket as a home for their favorite stuffed toys, or perhaps as a catch-all for items on their bedroom dresser or desk. The kids-on-the-go type gift baskets are packaged in adjustable book bags that can be reused as great overnight bags. Other gift basket containers make a great place to keep all their art supplies in one handy place.

Adults may want to use their gift basket containers in the kitchen or bathroom as storage space to reduce clutter. Creative types may find inspiration to make the perfect table centerpiece. Imagine a colorful assortment of mini gourds and fall foliage arranged in one of Harvest Moon's willow or country basket gift containers. The gold or silver round boxes from our Tower of Chocolate gift basket can be cleverly recycled into holiday gift boxes that require no wrapping. Add a festive ribbon and you are ready to go!

You are really only limited by your imagination. And we think our gift baskets will inspire you to think of countless uses for these containers once you are finished enjoying their contents.

So give a gift basket from Harvest Moon, and enjoy the fact that part of your gift will remain as a reminder of what a thoughtful person you are!

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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