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   Mr. Fix-it Gift Basket

Give your guy a not so subtle hint with the Mr. Fixit Gift Basket from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company.

We've heard all the excuses before. 'I'll get around to it', 'Don't hire someone, I can fix it for free', and so on. Why not let a charming gift basket do your nagging for you? It's a brilliant way to get your fella off the couch and on the porch fixing that loose floor board, and who can complain that they received a gift basket? Sometimes you just have to get a little creative to get things done and this gift basket is the right tool for the job.

The Mr. Fix-it gift basket comes in a handy bucket that has attached tool pockets to hold everything your handyman needs in one convenient place. And he'll love the 1010 piece tool organizer set. For once, he'll no where everything is and won't have to put off those pesky repair jobs another day!

This most handy gift basket also comes with a set of sturdy leather work gloves to protect his hands and a terrific tape measure/calculator to make accurate measuring a no-brainer.

Bungee cords are almost as versatile as duct tape and this gift basket is packing three of them. They can be used to hold items together while carpentry glue is drying, or as a temporary pair of extra hands while working on projects alone.

Wash away the rest of his excuses faster than a power sprayer with the 'Encyclopedia of Home Improvement' book that comes with every Mr. Fix-it gift basket.

When your friends begin to see all the improvements going on around your house, they'll want to know where they can get their own guys a Mr. Fix-it gift basket. You can tell them this fabulous gift basket came from the same place you get all your quality gift baskets, the Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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