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September 8, 2005

   Oldies But Goodies Gift Basket

The Oldies But Goodies gift basket from Harvest Moon will bring back a treasure trove of memories from your childhood. Remember marching down to the candy counter at the local drug store, proudly slapping your quarter down and picking out 5 boxes or bars of your favorite treats? This gift basket will transport you back to your playground days. Giving this gift basket assortment will be a treat for yourself as well as anyone who receives it.

The Oldies But Goodies gift basket recalls a different era, one that passed along with vinyl records and old-style VW Bugs. Rekindle memories of that era when you look at the retro candies contained in this gift basket assortment.

Let's take a peek into this terrific gift basket. Remember licorice pipes and chocolate cigarettes? And how many fillings did you loose to those irresistible Jujubees? They're all included in your gift basket.

Penny candy anyone? Some of us can recall these retro treats from an even earlier generation. Today a penny candy costs about five cents each and they're smaller than they used to be. Your Oldies But Goodies gift basket contains a full one pound jar of these delicious confections.

Cowtales anyone? These yummy caramel and cream ropes will tickle your tummy. Satellite Wafers, Swizzle Sticks and Candy Buttons are all sure to delight retro candy aficionados and new converts alike, and they're all found in this gift basket.

The only real question is who's going to receive this awesome gift basket? It makes a terrific gift for the birthday girl or boy, or that best friend who shares those fond childhood memories with you. But don't forget that inner child whose mouth is watering. Maybe you'll want to order and extra gift basket just for yourself!

And as always, all Harvest Moon gift baskets come with the option to add a personalized card for the lucky recipient.

The Oldies But Goodies gift basket from Harvest Moon makes an unforgettable present.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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