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August 26, 2005

   Preserve The Moment With a Wedding Memories Gift Basket

Give the happy couple a gift basket that will last a lifetime; A Wedding Memories gift basket from Harvest Moon! This very special full moon gift basket, hand-crafted from genuine willow, holds treasures that will become family keepsakes for generations to come. And your Wedding Memories gift basket is overflowing with everything the bride and groom need record their moment in time.

The wedding scrapbook kit will help the newlyweds begin building memories together as they use their favorite wedding photos and cards to capture all their thoughts and feelings about that most special day. And this elegant gift basket also offers three lovely 4x6 inch pewter picture frames, suitable for professional wedding photos, their favorite candid shots taken by friends, or to preserve a keepsake copy of their wedding invitation.

Your gift basket also includes a finely crafted silver plate vase that holds beautiful silk flowers now, but could be the place of honor for all those anniversary bouquets to come. And the Wedding Memories gift basket wouldn't be complete without it's crowning jewel, the wedding photo album. A lovely way to keep all those moments and memories in one special place. A half moon version of this special gift basket is also available. It carries a beautiful photo album and scrapbook memories kit, as well as one elegant pewter frame. Once the Wedding Memories gift basket is empty it can be used to carry a romantic bottle of wine and glasses on romantic evenings.

Wouldn't you love to give such a special gift basket to a couple you hold dear? A gift basket that will last long after the event filled day has come and gone. A gift basket filled with happy keepsakes that will be placed around their home, bringing fond memories every time they look at them. A gift basket that will always remind them of how much you care. The Wedding Memories gift basket. A once in a lifetime gift.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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