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September 12, 2005

   Why Everyone Loves To Receive Gift Baskets

The Oldies But Goodies gift basket from Harvest Moon will bring back a treasure trove of memories from your childhood. Remember marching down to the candy counter at the local drug store, proudly slapping your quarter down and picking out 5 boxes or bars of your favorite treats? This gift basket will transport you back to your playground days. Giving this gift basket assortment will be a treat for yourself as well as anyone who receives it.

Why does nearly everyone love to receive gift baskets? Well, there's quite a few answers to that question. Receiving a Harvest Moon gift basket is like having Christmas anytime of the year.

First of all, your gift basket selection is festively packaged, creating excitement the minute the lucky recipient lays eyes on it. It's so much more fun to receive a gift basket than items just thrown in a bag, or even a traditionally wrapped gift box. The minute your gift basket is revealed, your dear one will know that this gift basket is going to be special!

Your Harvest Moon gift basket is many presents all rolled into one. The gift basket container holds several gifts all built around the theme of the gift basket you have selected for that special someone. The number of gifts will depend on whether you have selected the Full Moon size gift basket, or opted for the Half Moon size gift basket. Both choices come in the same size gift basket, but are strategically arranged to look full either way.

People love to receive Harvest Moon gift baskets because the containers are as fun and useful as the gifts that are in them. Your gift basket container may not be an actual gift basket at all, but something more appropriate to the theme selected. For example, the Great Harvest gift basket container is actually a handy back pack with stool attached. It holds all you gardening tools and gives you a spot to sit down and take a breather. The Lullaby Baby gift basket is a real basket shaped like a bassinet. It's large enough to hold a newborn, but for safety's sake, why not use it to keep baby's soiled laundry separate from your own?

The real reason everyone loves to receive Harvest Moon gift baskets is because they show you cared enough to give that special person a gift that was tailor made for them!

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