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   Baby Essentials Gift Basket For New Moms

If you are looking for the perfect present for a baby shower, look no further than a Baby Essentials gift basket from Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company has assembled a wonderful collection of everyday baby essentials in a not so everyday gift basket. Powder and wipes have never looked so attractive.

First time moms may not be aware how little things can bring much needed convenience to caring for baby, but once they use the helpful items in this gift basket, they'll know better what they need to keep stocked as time goes by.

For baby's bath time, this gift basket supplies soap, and shampoo formulated for an infant's tender skin, a tin of cotton swabs and six soft washcloths. Wipes and baby powder are included in the gift basket assortment to help make diaper changes a breeze. For feeding time convenience, the new mom-to-be will receive two baby bottles, two bibs, and soft covered spoons to help protect baby's gums.

Two infant sleeper outfits are also included with this gift basket collection. You can choose to send boy or girl colors if you have some insider info, or simply choose unisex colors and eliminate the guesswork.

The empty gift basket can be saved and used for baby's future Easter Basket.

One thing is for certain, a Baby Essentials gift basket will be very much appreciated by the new mom. Why not take a wonderful baby gift basket to every shower, knowing your gift will always be one of the favorites.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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