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   Give A Brilliant Baby Gift Basket

Traditionally, everyone leans toward soft pastels when it comes to choosing items for a baby, but the Brilliant Baby Gift Basket follows more recent scientific advice.

You see, babies are not born with complete vision, it develops within the first weeks of life outside of the womb. Early vision is vague and fuzzy, so pastels are not the best for providing visual stimulation since they tend to fade into the background. Enter the Brilliant Baby gift basket.

The Brilliant Baby gift basket is full of bold colors designed to stand out for baby's eyes. A beautiful round willow gift basket holds a colorful selection of toys, and books, as well as CD's, a DVD and a video all designed to stimulate baby's senses and open up the surrounding world to her. The Brilliant Baby gift basket has a little of everything!

Your gift basket contains a mesh toy bag for holding four bright and bold toys that are suitable for playtime, whether while riding in the car to Grandma's or attached to baby's play gym.

This gift basket also contains two music CD's filled with the type of classical music infant specialists recommend to expand baby's learning connections.

Four adorable Little Learners books are also contained in this wonderful gift basket collection, as well as an educational DVD/video that you and baby can enjoy together.

The Brilliant Baby Gift Basket makes the perfect baby shower gift, but your own baby will benefit from one as well!

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