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   Something Smells A Little Fishy Gift Basket

Is there a fisherman in your life who's missing those hazy days of summer spent out on the lake? Why not make the wait for the next season a little more tolerable with a Smells A Little Fishy Gift Basket?

Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company has put together a collection of handy fishing items that any sportsman will be delighted to receive. Just take a look at the wonderful toys contained in this unusual gift basket.

To begin, the whole gift basket assortment comes in a terrific fishing creel basket that can be used over and over again. Inside the gift basket, you'll find a great tackle bag suitable for holding an assortment of hooks, sinkers and lures, enough to keep any fisherman busy hauling them in all day long.

This gift basket also contains an actual Agnew fishing reel clock, so your fisherman doesn't loose track of the time. And while he's waiting for the big one to bite, he can actually brush up on his fishing expertise with a Fresh Water Fishing book, filled with lots of useful tips designed to help your fisherman attract plenty of fish to his line.

Now what's a fishing outing without some snacks to fortify your fisherman until he brings home the catch of the day? This gift basket comes with two bags of delicious snacks to keep his tummy rumbling from scaring away all the fish.

The Smells A Little Fishy gift basket makes a terrific gift for the sportsman in your family, and gives him something to look forward to until the first warm days of spring return again.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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