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   Gift Basket Ideas For Sick Friends and Family

When a friend or loved one is feeling under the weather, a gift basket can be just the thing to bring some much needed sunshine to their day. Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company has several wonderful gift baskets that are sure to be a hit.

Our Dr.'s Orders Gift Basket is the perfect thing to show your support for someone recovering from an illness and in need of starting a healthier lifestyle. This lovely Hollander gift basket contains not one, but two wonderful books focused on fitness and diet. 'Better Health' and 'Kitchen Shrink' are both fascinating reading and filled with tips and recipes to jump start any healthy living program.

Next, this gift basket provides some healthier snacks and beverage alternative. Fat Free Crispbread and other health snacks are the perfect companions to the decaffeinated coffees and herbal teas that are also included in this gift basket selection.

Our Get Well Soon Gift Basket is wonderful to send to someone who is still recuperating, but is allowed to have goodies. This gift basket is a cornucopia of sweet snacks to pamper the sick. Chocolate hazelnut cream cookies, cinnamon almond thins, hot chocolate, Jelly Belly Beans, butterscotch drops, fudge covered grahams, chocolate covered caramels and Marabou chocolate hazelnut bars are all included in this fantastic gift basket. Kind of makes you want to fake being sick, doesn't it?

When you want to do something extra special for someone who is under the weather, think about sending them a wonderful gift basket from Harvest Moon.

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