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   Indulge Her Gift Basket

If you really want to spoil the woman in your life this Valentine's Day, then give her the Indulge Her Gift Basket from the Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company.

The Indulge Her gift basket is gloriously decadent, and every woman deserves a little decadence in life from time to time. After all, she spends so much time doing things for others, she ought to devote a little time to herself, and this gift basket has just the items to pamper her inner and outer woman.

Let's begin with a luxurious hot bath. Nothing is quite as relaxing, and this gift basket contains wonderful items to compliment the experience. An aromatherapy candle provides luxurious scent and ambience, perfect for creating a very relaxing atmosphere. She can drift and dream as a relaxation CD plays in the background, another item included with your gift basket collection.

Nothing else invigorates and stimulates the skin like a Loofah sponge scrub, also included with his gift basket. You can add a little personal romance by offering to help her with her back!.

While relaxing in her scented tub, the special woman in your life can indulge herself with a few sweets, also found in this gift basket collection. Salt water taffy, Jelly Bellies and Lindor Truffles cover any cravings your loved one might have.

Once she comes out of the bath, it's your turn to pamper her yourself. Work the rest of the knots out of those warmed up muscles with the massager and scented lotion you'll find in her gift basket.

When all the items are removed from her gift basket, she will still have the three nesting baskets to use to hold her personal items in the boudoir. The Indulge Her gift basket is a present she'll remember for a long time to come.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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