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   Pretty Feet for Spring with a Sole Soothing Gift Basket

So, it may be perfectly fine to hide your feet during the colder months, but when springtime rolls around, you are going to want your feet looking the best that they possibly can. However, some people tend to need a little bit of help and motivation when it comes to giving their feet the attention that they deserve. This is where the amazing Sole Soothing Gift Basket comes in to save the day, and feet!

Lavish tired feet with a refreshing foot soak followed by a lovely foot scrub. Apply the scented foot lotion and then slip on the night repair socks and the morning time is sure to find feet refreshed. Next, the pedicure to separator is just right for applying a favorite polish. For extra touch ups, there is the addition of a toe and foot file, scented glycerin soaps and even soothing gel soles to give feet an extra boost.

This is truly one gift basket that has nothing but the well-being of tired and worn feet in mind. Maybe you have a friend who has been working extra hard lately while being on her feet all day long. The Sole Soothing Gift Basket is an awesome way to show her that you care about her comfort. Just imagine how happy she will be once she takes a look at all of the great stuff waiting for her in this gift basket. Now, the only thing she will have to worry about is making sure that her feet do not prune up when she is soaking her feet!

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