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   Spark Romance With A Playing Games Gift Basket

Romance will never be spicier than when you share a Playing Games Gift Basket with your special someone. This sassy and not too subtle gift basket is full of goodies to turn a romantic spark into a full blown flame.

Your evening of fiery romance begins with the flicker of a flame, from two sensually scented aroma therapy candles you'll find amongst your gift basket treasures. Light them up and fill the air with mood enhancing fragrance. Next begin relaxing with a warm bath filled with Milk and Honey Bubble Bath, another gift basket goody you'll want to put to special use. How about a cozy bath for two?

Once you're out of the bath, it's time for some deep relaxation therapy. Put on your gift basket Sensual Massage CD, and break out some of Burt's Body and Bath Oil. This gift basket treat is wonderful for working out all the kinks and knots, and the scent is lightly seductive.

And if you and your partner are the playful type, why not play a round of 'Strip Chocolate'. A gift basket game that combines romance and chocolate? What could be more perfect?

In fact, why not consider combining your gift basket as part of a romantic weekend getaway? You can easily bring all of your gift basket goodies with you in complete privacy because this gift basket comes in a wicker case basket with latching lid. No one will know your secret except for the two of you!

Romance isn't just for Valentine's Day. Send a Playing Games gift basket from the Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company, and light someone's fire.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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