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   Spring Yankee Candle Basket

Spring is in the air, but if it hasn't reached your region yet, don't despair; Harvest Moon has a wonderful gift basket that will put some spring scents into your home.

What do you think of when you think of spring? We think of an abundance of flowers pushing up through the damp soil as the last remnants of snow are disappearing. The sun is warm again and the sky turns that special shade of blue that you only see this time of year. Our Spring Yankee Candle Gift Basket brings you all the wonderful floral scents of spring in one beautifully decorated wicker gift basket.

Do you love the scent of freshly cut roses? Your gift basket is full of candles in Rose, Sweet Pea, Calla Lilly, Lilac and Plumeria scents. It's like a full floral bouquet.

Your gift basket candle collection includes twelve votives, three Yankee Candle tins, and two votive holders. You gift basket also includes Yankee Candle Fragrance Room Spray, and a lovely spring berry grapevine wreath to help you decorate for spring.

Once all of your Yankee Candles have been removed, your split wood wicker gift basket can be reused for many wonderful purposes. You can fill it with silk flowers or perhaps some fresh fruits and turn it into a lovely table centerpiece. You can also set this gift basket on your kitchen counter and keep all your oven mitts, and dish towels close at hand.

No matter how you look at it, our Spring Yankee Candle gift basket is a wonderful way to celebrate the return of spring.

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