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   Sweets For The Sweet-less

Whether you or someone you know is watching those carbs, or health issues simply prevent the toleration of sugar, Harvest Moon has just the right gift basket. You can still satisfy that sweet tooth with a completely clear conscience!

How about a Fabulously Sugar Free Gift Basket? This gift basket holds such wonderful treats like Go Lightly sugar free hard candies, and tasty Redvines. Because no candy gift basket could be complete without a little chocolate, four assorted bags of Asher's Sugar Free Chocolates are also included.

And what goes better with chocolate than coffee? This gift basket comes with three bags of Coffee Factory's flavored decaffeinated coffee and two bottles of sugar free Torani Syrup that can be used to sweeten coffee, tea and even ice cream. Just try pouring some over sugar free vanilla ice cream. It's heavenly!

Atkins dieters will really love our Low-Carb Candy Gift Basket. No fears of sending that carb counter into overload.

Once you've been on the diet for a while, some chocolate ought to hit the spot. This gift basket comes with Asher's low-carb chocolates and chocolate bars as well as four low-carb finger cakes. Two bottles of Torani sugar free flavored syrups are also included in this gift basket selection and are terrific for flavoring beverages and desserts.

You see, just because someone is trying to be health conscious doesn't mean they have to give up all the good things in life. These gift baskets from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company will let even the sweet-less enjoy their sweets!

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