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   Usher Spring In With The Perfect Gift Basket

Do we have the perfect gift basket to usher in a little bit of springtime into someone's life! Now that March has finally arrived you can feel the subtle change in the atmosphere. The air seems a little warmer, the sun seems to shine a little more brightly, and perhaps you can find those first Crocuses poking up through the cold ground. True spring is still a little way off, but you can capture the feeling and bring it indoors with a Spring Is In The Air Gift Basket.

This cheery little gift basket makes a wonderful house warming or birthday gift, as well as a nice Mother's Day gift basket too. The assortment includes three cloth decorated windowsill baskets and three seed kits filled with everything you need to grow lovely Anemones, Clover and more. When all the planting is finished a bottle of Gardener's Lemon Grass and Thyme Hand Soap is ready and waiting to make hand washing a breeze.

Once the work is finished, just put this gift basket set in a sunny windowsill and keep it slightly moist to help the seeds generate. In about four weeks your gift basket seedlings should begin to appear. Then, either keep them indoors or move them out to the patio to wait for your gift basket blossoms to bloom.

Want to brighten someone's day? Why not send a Spring Is In The Air gift basket from the Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company!

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