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May 3, 2005

Gift Basket Shopping for the Person who has Everything

You probably know at least one person who always seems to have everything. They are the reason you always save your receipts. They are impossible to shop for. The trouble is that they buy what they want for themselves. And they usually do this right before their birthdays or holidays.

But, the secret about the person who always seems to have everything is that he or she loves things. That's why they have everything. They can't resist. But, with gift baskets, you can be the "Person Who Gives Great Gifts" to the "Person Who Has Everything."

Why gift baskets? Well, what's better than getting a gift? How about getting a good gift? Sure, that would be better. But, best would be getting lots of good gifts. And that's what you get with a gift basket.

But it's not about getting, of course. It's about giving. There is a sense of pride that comes with giving a great gift. And that's why these people who have everything are so frustrating. You search high and low just to find they already have what you bought them. But with a gift basket, you will never hear, "Thank you so much, I just bought myself one of these."

And that's because there are so many possibilities for a gift basket. You have a friend who likes to write? Give her a gift basket with pens, paper, pencils, a holder, a paperweight, book ends, and a book or two. (Gift baskets aren't just about the food.) Maybe you have a friend who likes to travel? Give him a money belt, snacks from exotic locations, a travel journal, and a passport holder.

Personalize something today for the "person who has everything" and hear, "Thank you so much, you're such a great gift giver."

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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