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May 5, 2005

Real Men Love Gift Baskets

Sure, a gift basket isn't the first thing you might think of to give the men in your life. It's probably true that men won't gasp at its arrival or ooh and ah over each thing in the basket. But, what they will do is open the thing up and start in on it...immediately.

You see, men love grazing. And men love variety. And men love to stay put on the couch on a Sunday with the remote and snacks. So, what better way to make a man's day than to give him a relaxing weekend with snacks?

You see, most professional men have been getting gift baskets their whole careers. Gift baskets make the corporate world go around. They signify appreciation. A gift basket says thank you better than any card could.

But gift baskets are not just apples and chocolate anymore. The more personalized the gift basket is, the better. Does the man in your life like to fish? Use a creel filled with artificial lures, fishing line, an all-purpose tool, hooks, weights, and some gummy fish.

Is a man in your life on a diet? Maybe he's not eating carbs. Try a gift basket with cheese, sausages, sugar-free chocolate, and diet drinks. It'll make it easier for him to resist the fast food drive through.

So, although you might not hear, "oh, I love gift baskets," from the mouths of any of the men you know, it's probably because their mouths are already full of something from the basket you sent.

Sarah Mangee - Harvest Moon Baskets

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