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May 12, 2005

The Perfect Gift for the Mother to be

You've been invited to a baby shower, and the mother-to-be already has most everything she needs. You can't think of anything to give her and time is running out. You want to give her something special, something that she can not only use but something that she can save as a keepsake. The answer to your gift giving problem is a custom made gift basket.

Custom made gift baskets are filled with a wide selection of usable items for both the mother-to-be and her baby. Since they are custom made you can assist with the selection of the items to be included in the basket. The basket is then artfully arranged to display all the items, and the basket itself can be reused for a wide range of uses.

Giving a gift basket is fun, not only for you, but for the recipient. Rather than just one present to open, the gift basket holds a wide variety of gifts. For example, you could give her a gift basket with the theme of bath time for baby. The basket would then include items used when bathing the baby. In addition, you could include a few items for mom, such as bath oil beads, lotions, sponges, etc.

If your mother-to-be knows the sex of her child, the gift basket can be color coordinated in blue for boys, or pink for girls. Other themes can also be incorporated such as feeding time, bed time, play time, etc. Or, the gift basket can be a general all purpose basket including items that can be used for any of the above.

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