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Friday, August 26, 2005

Preserve The Moment With a Wedding Memories Gift Basket

Give the happy couple a gift basket that will last a lifetime; A Wedding Memories gift basket from Harvest Moon!

This very special full moon gift basket, hand-crafted from genuine willow, holds treasures that will become family keepsakes for generations to come. And your Wedding Memories gift basket is overflowing with everything the bride and groom need record their moment in time.

The wedding scrapbook kit will help the newlyweds begin building memories together as they use their favorite wedding photos and cards to capture all their thoughts and feelings about that most special day.

And this elegant gift basket also offers three lovely 4x6 inch pewter picture frames, suitable for professional wedding photos, their favorite candid shots taken by friends, or to preserve a keepsake copy of their wedding invitation.

Your gift basket also includes a finely crafted silver plate vase that holds beautiful silk flowers now, but could be the place of honor for all those anniversary bouquets to come.

And the Wedding Memories gift basket wouldn't be complete without it's crowning jewel, the wedding photo album. A lovely way to keep all those moments and memories in one special place.

A half moon version of this special gift basket is also available. It carries a beautiful photo album and scrapbook memories kit, as well as one elegant pewter frame. Once the Wedding Memories gift basket is empty it can be used to carry a romantic bottle of wine and glasses on romantic evenings.

Wouldn't you love to give such a special gift basket to a couple you hold dear? A gift basket that will last long after the event filled day has come and gone. A gift basket filled with happy keepsakes that will be placed around their home, bringing fond memories every time they look at them. A gift basket that will always remind them of how much you care.

The Wedding Memories gift basket. A once in a lifetime gift.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Kids On The Go Gift Baskets

Okay, so they're not an actual "gift basket" gift baskets. But at Half Moon, gift baskets are what we do so that's what we're calling them. And these gift baskets make the perfect presents for birthdays, Christmas, Hanukah... whatever you can think of!

The Kids On The Go gift baskets are actually terrific adjustable back packs, and come in different versions for boys and girls, as well as our standard "full moon" and "half moon" gift basket sizes. Each gift basket is chocked full with everything an energetic child needs to occupy a rainy day, or that long road trip to Grandma's house.

The Girls On The Go full moon size gift basket contains the Gaiarama Sea Adventures book as well as three activities books designed to keep her entertained for hours. The little artist will love the set of colored pencils and rainbow colors clay. Six ink stamps and game cards continue the fun. And have you ever met a little girl that didn't like to play dress up? We haven't either. The little princess dress up kit, fimo clay ring, and two tubes of Bonnie Bell lip gloss will send her over the rainbow! This gift basket also includes a story time CD, perfect for long journeys or bedtime.

The Boys On The Go full moon size gift basket back pack contains a Gaiarama Sea Adventures book and three activity books, as well as colored pencils, rainbow clay, game cards and stamps. But your special guy will really flip for the digital sport watch. And just imagine the little jokester's giggles when Dad sits down on Junior's whoopee cushion! A story time CD is also included. All these great items stored in one re-usable gift basket.

Harvest Moon also offers half moon size gift baskets, smaller versions of the gift baskets listed above. All items are suitable for children ages 5-8.

Don't you know a child who would love a gift basket like one of these?

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Candy is Dandy - In A Gift Basket!

So, you're needing a gift for someone. You know them well enough to want to get them something nice, yet you aren't sure what exactly they collect or are interested in. This is a job for a candy gift basket.

We have a number of delightful gift baskets filled to the brim with yummy sweets and all presented in a charming basket. Ghirardelli Delights Gift Basket is a great choice for the true chocolate lover on your gift getting list. This fabulous basket includes a Hollander basket packed with chocolate recipe cards, thirty assorted Ghirardelli mini chocolates, four assorted Ghirardelli chocolate bars is sure to please even the hardest person to buy for your gift giving list!

Another sweet treat basket is Oldies But Goodies. This throwback of all your childhood favorites includes four licorice pipes, two boxes of chocolate cigarettes, 16 oz. Penny Candy mix in a jar, 12 Satellite Wafers, two Cowtale packages, six Swizzle Sticks, two Candy Buttons bags, Jujubees all presented beautifully in a willow basket with side handles. These candies will bring back fond memories both anyone that sees this stunning basket.

If your special someone is diabetic or otherwise sugar intolerant, you can still show them how sweet you think they are with this Fabulously Sugar Free Gift Basket. A beautiful split wood basket is filled to the brim with 6 oz. Go Lightly sugar free, sugar Free Redvines, four assorted bags Ashers Sugar Free chocolates, two Torani Sugar Free flavored syrup, three 1.75 oz. Coffee Factory flavored decaff coffee, two sugar free Ruger wafers. This is a thoughtful gift basket and will let your recipient know you really put some thought into their gift!

After the yummies are long gone, these gift baskets will remind your gift recipient how much you cared to give a gift special made just for them and the baskets can perform many uses and add a touch of charm to any decor.

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