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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bargain Gift Baskets Are Your Holiday Solution

With the need to stretch your give giving dollars farther and farther every year, Bargain Gift Baskets from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company may just be your best solution this holiday season. Harvest Moon gift baskets have a reputation for high quality, and the selection simply can't be beat.

The Bargain Bath and Body Gift Basket is filled with wonderful products for a luxurious bathing experience. This wicker and bamboo gift basket is filled with scented bath soap and body lotion, as well as aromatic candles. English bath cubes add an imported touch to this gift basket. Round out your gift basket selection with a wonderful loofah sponge and hand held body massager and you have a gift basket that anyone would love to receive this holiday season.

Need a gift for your boss or your secretary? The Bargain Coffee Gift Basket will make them think you spent a fortune. This gorgeous handle gift basket contains Tropical Sunrise gourmet coffee, and a stainless steel travel mug. A bottle of famous Torani Syrup, found in the finest coffee houses across the country, as well as Coffee Time Cinnamints complete this terrific gift basket package.

The Bargain Sweet Treats Gift Basket can cover a multitude of gift giving occasions. An attractive wire tote gift basket holds a selection of Bed and Breakfast Cookies, Bellagio gourmet hot chocolates, and chocolate covered grahams. Salt water taffy and butterscotch drops will satisfy the sweet tooth of anyone lucky enough to receive this tasty gift basket.

There's even a gift basket for the newest edition to your family circle. The Bargain Baby Gift Basket is filled with precious items to help make caring for baby a little easier. Adorable booties and a tiny nail clipping set, as well as powder, shampoo, and lotion come with your gift basket. An itsy bitsy T-shirt, baby bottle and small plush Teddy bear finish this lovely wicker gift basket set.

At $20.00, bargain gift baskets from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company are a terrific way to give great presents this holiday season that won't break your piggy bank.

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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Country Kitchen Gift Basket

Nothing says welcome home like the Country Kitchen Gift Basket from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company.

Moving into a new home is quite an adventure, but it's also a little disconcerting. It's hard not to feel like you're in someone else's house until you start unpacking your own things and putting up a few of your own decorating touches. The Country Kitchen gift basket is a wonderful way to help your friends and family begin life in their new surroundings.

The Country Kitchen gift basket is full of home spun accents and antique decor, and is perfect for anyone who loves the warmth of country living designs.

Your gift basket selection will arrive in a beautiful split wood gift basket that can serve many uses after the items have been removed. Use it as a centerpiece or to keep kitchen towels and oven mitts close at hand.

Any antique lover would be thrilled to receive the working coffee grinder that is the centerpiece of this gift basket collection. And your gift basket also contains two bags of flavored gourmet coffee to go with it. The new place will smell like home in no time once the coffee starts brewing.

Fill the walls with country kitchen charm with the rustic Farmer's Market sign found in this incredible gift basket. But that's not all. Your gift basket also contains a Welcome sign spelled out on individual farm house wall blocks. Arrange them any way you like for a personal touch.

Your gift basket also contains a nickel wire wall basket, terrific for holding seasonal floral arrangements, incoming mail, or anything else you can think of.

As you can see, the Country Kitchen gift basket is a wonderful way to make anyone feel welcomed in their new home, and quite a value for the unique items that fill it. A gift basket from Harvest Moon Gift Basket Company shows just how much you care.

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