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Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Father's Day Gift Basket Ideas

If you're looking to get Dad something beyond the usual tie or cologne for Father's Day, get him something that will make him feel as special as he is to you with a Father's Day Basket made just for Dads!

If your father is the type that spends his Saturday morning detailing his car, a Car Detailing Gift Basket will bring a smile to his face. This gift basket arrives in a handy handled bucket which is filled with a sunglasses visor clip holder, a visor CD holder to keep this favorite music handy, a heavy duty wash pad that will really get his car clean with out scratching the finish of his prized possession, anti-fogging glass wipes to get the window glass around his car sparkling clean, and since the outside his car will be looking so good, included in this basket is tire cleaner and a bottle of quick shine car wax spray to finish off the look of his car. Auto air freshener is also part of this basket to top off the detailing job with a fresh scent.

If your Dad is a weekend warrior and is always planning weekend home improvement projects, the Mr. Fix-it Gift Basket will be the perfect gift for him. This gift basket comes in two sizes and both include a large number of useful gifts that are presented in a bucket with attached tool pockets. The half moon sized basket includes three tie-down bungee cords, 1010 piece took organizer set, leather work gloves, combination tape measure and calculator, the "Encyclopedia of Home Improvement" book is included. The larger sized Full Moon Basket includes all the above along with a hammer, mini screwdriver set, standard screwdriver set and a wrench set. This is a great way to show dad you appreciate everything he does around the house.

For the Golfing Dads there is the Seeing Green Golf Gift Basket that comes in two sizes, Half and Full Moon. The Half Moon size is slightly smaller and comes presented in a round wire basket, a package of golf ball chocolates, a "Golf Great Moments" book, PGA breath mints, a Pierre Cardin shower set and "The Dewsweepers" book. The Full Moon size comes with all the above plus a gorgeous Roberto Aimee lined leather golf shoe bag that your dad will be proud to use at the course or country club.

Show Dad you really care this Father's Day with a gift basket geared just for Dads!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Harvest Moon Baskets Makes it Easy to Gift Dad in Style

Give your Dad an unusual gift this Father's Day that includes his interests. If your Dad loves to hunt, there is a gift basket that will thrill him. The Hunter's Basket comes in a wire mesh basket with handles that is packed to the brim with goodies such as bright sticks, beef jerky, trail mix snacks, "Photography in the Outdoors" book, a camouflage drawstring bag, a compass and a camo-headnet to keep those pesky bugs off when he's enjoying the thrill of the hunt. The Half Moon sized gift basket includes the same items but in slightly smaller quantities. If your Dad enjoys the sport of hunting, he will get a real kick out of this gift basket.

If your Dad is a sportsman who loves to fish, there's a gift basket just for his favorite sport. The "Smells a Little Fishy" gift basket comes in Full and Half Moon sizes and is stocked high in a creel basket with the following goodies: Agnew fishing reel clock, Freshwater Fishing book to catch those big ones that won't get away, two 8 oz snack bags and a tackle bag. The Half Moon size includes that above-mentioned items in smaller quantities and is minus the Fresh Water Fishing book. No matter which size you get for your favorite fisherman, he'll love you for it!

Another great Father's Day choices is the Well Groomed Men's Gift Basket that will come with everything your Dad needs to be a sharp looking man on his special day and after. The Full Moon sized basket includes Doctor Burt's Bay Rum Aftershave that has a yummy, earthy scent, Doctor Burt's Herbal Treatment Shampoo that removes residues that other shampoos can leave on hair leaving it dull and flat looking. Also included is Doctor Burt's Herbal Deodorant and Doctor Burt's Cinnamint Toothpaste, A mini wood tub with nail brush, pumice stone and scrubbing loofah to get Dad's manicure off to a good start. Additionally there is a foot treatment set to keep your Dad's feet looking great. This is all presented in a galvanized tin bucket with handles. The Half Moon size is slightly smaller but big on "Happy Father's Day" thoughts. It includes the Doctor Burt's Bay Rum Aftershave, Doctor Burt's Herbal Treatment Shampoo, Doctor Burt's Herbal Deodorant and the Mini wood tub with nailbrush, pumice stone and loofah.

Show your Dad how much he means to you by getting him a special gift basket that says , "Thanks for being such a great Dad".

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