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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Canines Love Gift Baskets Too!

Most any pet owner will come to think of their dog as a member of their family. They will often call their dog their child, and they will treat them the same that they would if they were. If you happen to know a pet owner who feels this way about their pooch, you may want to think of sending them a fabulous gift basket to reflect the love and admiration that they have for their dog. You are sure to be very pleased with their response to such a thoughtful gift.

The Howlin' at the Moon gift basket is just loaded to the top will all sorts of great items that are going to thrill any type of dog. If you are going to send along the Full Moon Size, the basket will come complete with a great puppy storage play chest, dog bones and treats, a fun toy set, and even a lint and fur roller and a book for their human! What a great way to show your friend or family member that you are thinking about them and their favorite four-legged friend!

There are plenty of great reasons to send along such a fun doggie gift basket. You may find out that their pet had to go through a little bit of surgery recently and you can send this basket along as a nice get well gesture. Whatever the reason may be, you are sure to create happiness for both the owner and the dog when you send out the Howlin' at the Moon gift basket full of treats!

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bringing in the Dog Days of Summer

Summer brings fun, backyard cookouts, enjoyable time spent with family and friends and more. Don't leave your favorite furry companion out of the fun. You can show him how much he means to you with a fun basket of all this favorite things and a few things for yourself too.

If your furry friend is starting to feel the heat of summer, get him a fun assortment of gifts to pass the long hot days in his very own "Howlin' at the Moon" gift basket. This fun gift basket comes packed in a playful pup-shaped play chest and can be reused long after the goodies have been used.

All dogs should be spoiled rotten and this gift basket comes with a spoiled rotten dog toy set, two dog bones, and some yummy doggy treats. For the human companion, a "Dogma" book and a handy lint and fur-removing roller that makes removing traces of Fido's last visit on the sofa ,that he knows he's not allowed on, a snap.

Best of all, this unique basket will do double duty. After the goodies are gone the basket can be used to hold all your furry friend's favorite toys, extra doggie blankets, wintertime sweaters and more. This gift basket would also make a fabulous gift for a host or hostess that has a canine they love to dote on.

If you have a canine friend you want to spoil or someone you know just got a new furry member of the family, this fun gift basket is a great way to say, "Welcome to the Family" or "I Love You!".

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Celebrate the Summer With a Fun Basket!

If you have plans to have a get together with your family or friends, bring a gift for the hostess in the form of a fun and functional gift basket.

A great gift that you can bring any host or hostess is the gift that shows you really appreciate the great food and one of the best ways to do that is to give them some added fun extras for the barbeque.

The The Barbeque Master Gift Basket comes with everything the master or the mistress of the barbeque could want. Packed inside of a large, round willow basket with handy side handles is a multitude of useful items for the person who loves to grill.

There are six tools used for grilling, a handy gas lighter, barbeque chips and sauce, seasons for the food masterpieces they create such as Worcester sauce and various grill seasonings. Kabob skewers are also included and even a clip on mosquito repellent to keep those pesky, biting party spoilers at bay.

The basket can further be used after the barbeque to hold handy kitchen items or barbeque cooking items, use in the garden area or add an accent by a fireplace and use it to hold starter wood. That's one of the best things about giving a gift basket to someone as a gift, after the goodies are gone, the gift recipient will still have a basket that will prove to be very useful.

If you want to bring a gift that will show the host or hostess how much you appreciate their hospitality at your next get together, bring them a gift basket that will show how much you enjoy her friendship and their great cooking skills in front of the grill!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Make Your Clients Feel Special

There is nothing quite so hard as being a sales representative. You have to go out and find the potential clients for your company, get them to use your services and then keep your current clients happy while you bring in more business for your company. You want to thank your existing clients for doing business with you and a perfect way to do that is with a Corporate Gift Basket.

Sending a gift basket is an outstanding idea. The Bagelicious Gift Basket is a great way to show your clients how much you enjoy doing business with them. Your client will receive an elegant wicker basket that is packed with sixteen assorted types of bagels, twelve ounces of gourmet coffee to share with the office, two boxes of herbal tea for the non-coffee drinkers, and delicious fruit preserves. If bagels aren't the thing for your client, everyone loves muffins! The Muffin Madness gift basket has 12 scrumptious assorted muffins, along with gourmet coffee, two boxes of herbal tea, and yummy fruit preserves all packed in a dark wicker basket.

You can have the choice of having the baskets delivered to yourself so you can drop them off personally and personalize your gift even further with the addition of a few items such as pens with your company name on them or simply attach business card with a ribbon or you can have Harvest Moon send the basket directly to your clients. If you want to make a lasting impression with your clients, send them a delicious breakfast or brunch in a basket!

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Do You Have a Finicky Cat Loving Friend?

There's a little truth in the old adage that sometimes people take on the qualities of their beloved pets. Some cat owners can be just as picky and finicky as their feline companions and when it comes to getting a gift that will please the cat and the owner, you have to choose your gifts carefully. If you want to get a gift for that special someone in your life that has a cat, consider getting them a gift basket that both cat and owner can enjoy.

Although among cats and owners it is up for debate who actually belongs to who, a gift basket full of treats and fun will please both the finickiest of cats and owners. The Cat's Meow gift basket is no ordinary gift and it's one of the top selling gift baskets at Harvest Moon.

This gift basket doesn't even in come in an actual basket, all the goodies come packed in neatly in mouse shaped abode for the feline of the house, three packages of cat treats, three fun cat toys enhanced with cat nip and food bowls. For the one who is owned by a cat, the entertaining book "Cattitudes", cat themed magnetic frame for holding their favorite photos on the fridge or other area that a magnet will stick to, a new litter scooper to make cleaning the box a breeze, lint and fur removing roller and something the cat and their owner will enjoy, a cat grooming comb. Most cats will sit still as long as you will comb them they enjoy the feeling so much.

This is a great gift that will please both your finicky friend and their feline and let them know how much you care. If you have a gift giving occasion coming up for a hard to buy for person, send them a gift basket they can really use and enjoy with their favorite furry friend.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Gift Giving Made Easy with White Beauty Gift Baskets

White is the crisp and cool color of summer and you can continue those thoughts when you give the gift of a white beauty gift basket. There is a basket size for every gift-giving occasion, be it a little "thanks for the great job" or "just because..." or an event you want to give the recipient something nice to show how much you really care.

The Quarter Moon sized gift basket is perfect for that special someone you want to give a little something extra to. This gift basket has a beautiful six strand floating pearl necklace with Sterling Silver Clasp that measures 18.5-inches long. Also included are a gorgeous pair of pearl stud earrings that measure 6.5mm and have a sterling silver backing. Topping off this gift basket is an assortment of Lindt Lindor Truffles. All tastefully combined in an elegant grapevine basket.

The Half Moon sized gift basket comes with a double strand of lovely seed pearls with a sterling silver clasp. Slightly larger 7.5mm pearl stud earrings also with a sterling silver backing and the yummy inclusion of a box of Lindt Lindor Truffles.

For the ultimate in gift baskets, go for the Full Moon sized gift basket. It has a 18.5 inch triple strand of 7.5mm pearls with a sterling silver clasp. 8.5mm pearl stud earrings and Lindt Lindor Truffles in a gorgeous grapevine basket that can be reused.

The pearls themselves are high quality and directly imported from the pearl cultivators in China. Cultured pearls are a marvelous gift as they go with everything from casual attire to everyone's favorite little black dress.

Treat someone special you know to a gift of beautiful cultured pearls and if you don't have a special occasion, make one up - they'll love you for it!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Give the Gift of Health

No matter if you have a special occasion or not, giving someone a gift basket stocked with healthy items is a wonderful way to show you care. If someone you know has finally made good on their resolution to live healthier, maybe drop a few pounds or just get their blood pressure or cholesterol at a healthy level, give them a gift basket full of good thoughts for their new healthy lifestyle.

For someone who is diabetic or merely trying to kick the sugar addiction that so many of us have, the Sugar Free Gift Basket is a thoughtful choice. This basket is packed to the brim with a 6 oz. Go Lightly sugar free, sugar free Redvines , four assorted bags Ashers Sugar Free chocolates, two Torani Sugar Free flavored syrups , three 1.75 oz. Coffee Factory flavored decaff coffee and two sugar free Ruger wafers. All delivered tastefully in a beautiful splitwood basket with a handle that can be reused after the goodies are gone.

The Low-Carb Gift Basket is a fantastic choice for someone watching their calories. This impressive basket comes in a round rustic willow basket with handles, four assorted bags Ashers low-carb chocolates, four assorted Ashers low-carb chocolate bars, two Torani sugar free flavored syrups that are fabulous on low fat ice creams and cold coffees for a cooling summertime drink, sugar free Redvines, four low carb finger cakes, and sugar free mints top off this fabulous gift.

And those are just two of the fabulous gift baskets that you can give someone to show them how much you care and to motivate them in their decision to get healthy and stay that way.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The June Bride of Last Year Needs an Anniversary Gift This Year

Last June she was a blushing bride-to-be and then the newlyweds were a happy couple. Now, one year later, you're looking for the perfect anniversary gift to show your continued happiness at their marvelous union and you aren't sure what to get - a gift basket is the perfect choice.

If the couple celebrating their anniversary loves to cook, the We're Cooking Now gift basket is the perfect compliment for their anniversary. It comes with items to jumpstart their mutual love of cooking such as a colander, mixing bowl, cheese grater, assorted cooking tools, a digital timer to ensure nothing burns and a great mini treat booklet.You can further personalize this basket by including a bottle of your favorite red wine and your own spaghetti recipe - they will be on their way to a romantic dinner in no time. Another great food related gift basket is the romantic Picnic for Two gift basket. This is a great assortment of spreads (including cheeses, veggie herb mixtures and preserves) with crackers, butterscotch drops, and a couple of bottles of sparkling cider. Include directions to your own favorite secluded picnic spot in your card.

Give the gift of remembrance on their anniversary with the Wedding Memories gift basket. This basket comes with pewter frames to hold their favorite wedding photos, and a fun scrapbook to put together. The scrapbook will make a great heirloom to pass down to the kids. There is also a photo album and a beautiful silver-plated vase with realistic flowers. This will make for a fun anniversary evening of going through the memories of the day they became a couple and all the changes and great times since that special day.

Giving an anniversary gift is fun and easy when you give the couple a gift basket they can use to remember the events of their special day!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gifts for the Master of the Grill

With Father's Day so nearly upon us, if you still haven't found that special gift for the man in your life you like to call "Dad", consider giving a gift that highlights his mastery of the flaming grill.

There are two fun Gift Baskets made just for men who love to grill. The Dad's Barbeque Master gift basket comes stuffed to the brim of its own handled willow basket with all the items Dad needs to have a great time cooking out. Some of the items include: six tools for the grill such as tongs and turners, a handy gas lighter, kabob skewers and barbeque chips. There is also a great barbeque sauce that dad can add a few spices to and a few drops of his favorite hot sauce and make this his signature summer barbeque sauce. There is also Worcester sauce and various grill seasonings all included. The clip on mosquito repellent will come in very handy and Dad will love using his basket of goodies to create his masterpieces on the grill when he wears his "World's Greatest Dad" apron also included in this fun gift basket.

The other gift basket geared towards men who love to cook is called The Barbeque Master gift basket and includes all the above items except for the apron. This is the perfect gift basket to make that special guy in your life feel appreciated for all he does, including making a mean meal on a grill!

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a good cook-out at the grill and give the special men in your life a gift basket that highlights their mastery of their grills with one of these fabulous collections of useful grilling items.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Father's Day Gift Basket Ideas

If you're looking to get Dad something beyond the usual tie or cologne for Father's Day, get him something that will make him feel as special as he is to you with a Father's Day Basket made just for Dads!

If your father is the type that spends his Saturday morning detailing his car, a Car Detailing Gift Basket will bring a smile to his face. This gift basket arrives in a handy handled bucket which is filled with a sunglasses visor clip holder, a visor CD holder to keep this favorite music handy, a heavy duty wash pad that will really get his car clean with out scratching the finish of his prized possession, anti-fogging glass wipes to get the window glass around his car sparkling clean, and since the outside his car will be looking so good, included in this basket is tire cleaner and a bottle of quick shine car wax spray to finish off the look of his car. Auto air freshener is also part of this basket to top off the detailing job with a fresh scent.

If your Dad is a weekend warrior and is always planning weekend home improvement projects, the Mr. Fix-it Gift Basket will be the perfect gift for him. This gift basket comes in two sizes and both include a large number of useful gifts that are presented in a bucket with attached tool pockets. The half moon sized basket includes three tie-down bungee cords, 1010 piece took organizer set, leather work gloves, combination tape measure and calculator, the "Encyclopedia of Home Improvement" book is included. The larger sized Full Moon Basket includes all the above along with a hammer, mini screwdriver set, standard screwdriver set and a wrench set. This is a great way to show dad you appreciate everything he does around the house.

For the Golfing Dads there is the Seeing Green Golf Gift Basket that comes in two sizes, Half and Full Moon. The Half Moon size is slightly smaller and comes presented in a round wire basket, a package of golf ball chocolates, a "Golf Great Moments" book, PGA breath mints, a Pierre Cardin shower set and "The Dewsweepers" book. The Full Moon size comes with all the above plus a gorgeous Roberto Aimee lined leather golf shoe bag that your dad will be proud to use at the course or country club.

Show Dad you really care this Father's Day with a gift basket geared just for Dads!

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