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Mama Mia! Gourmet Gift Basket

Letís face it, thereís an Italian food lover in us all. Combine spice mix, olive oil, chopped garlic, and pasta for the ultimate Italian experience! OUT OF STOCK

Full Moon (pictured)
Large basket with metal grapevine design handle
Chef Leeabaldi dip dish and spoon
Botticelli imported olive oil
4 oz jarred chopped garlic
Italian spice bread dip mix
Garlic Bruschetta Bits
Spinach Fettuccini
Italian Dessert Cookies
Gourmet Marinara Sauce
Spiced Green Olives
Garden Herbs Vinnagrette
Six Nonniís chocolate covered biscotti
Italian Design Kitchen Towel
Price: $62.95

Half Moon
Medium Wire Basket with Grapevine Handle
Botticelli Imported Olive Oil
4 oz Jarred Chopped Garlic
Italian spice bread dip mix
Spinach Fettuccini
Garlic Bruschetta Bits
Italian Dessert Cookies
Three Nonniís chocolate covered biscotti
Price: $32.95

Your Price: $62.95
Basket Size:

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